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4 Evergreen Desert Weed Control


Residential and Commercial Weed Control

4Evergreen Desert Weed Control kept desert landscapes, commercial properties, and lawns in Phoenix free from weeds for over 25 years. While someone that is not from Arizona might wonder why you would need weed control for desert landscapes, the fact is that Arizona has a wide variety of weeds and they actually grow year-round. Many of them are invasive species, and not part of the normal desert eco-system.

The key to keeping your desert landscape and yard looking beautiful is eliminating and then controlling unsightly, troublesome weeds. Once we have your property free of your unwanted weed and grass, our professionals will engage in a scheduled preemergence program that will stop the weeds from appearing in the first place!

Weed control services are available for both residential and commercial jobs in Phoenix, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Peoria, Glendale and throughout the valley of the sun. Commercial weed control services are great for property management companies and property managers. Our goal is to keep your desert landscape, yard, or commercial property looking the best it can, all year ’round. Learn more: 602.992.8870

Services include: Commercial Weed Control, Residential Weed Control, Desert Landscape Conversion and Monthly Weed Control Programs

Olive Tree Spraying Services

olive-tree-fruit-suppression-spray-desert-weed-control-phoenixOlive trees are very popular the greater-Phoenix area. They are easy to maintain and provide great shade during Arizona’s long, hot summers. But once the fruit develops and drops, you soon realize what a complete mess you have on your hands!

The dark fruit drops on your yard or sidewalk, rots in the sun, then leaves ugly black stains where they laid. If too many seasons go by allowing the fruit to drop, the whole area under your olive tree can look like a disaster.

The good news is that we can help prevent that from happening! Our olive tree spraying services can greatly reduce or even completely stop your olive tree from bearing fruit to begin with.

The spraying of olive trees in Phoenix, Arizona is seasonal and occurs early January through mid April. It’s a very busy time, so if you are interested in olive tree spraying services, we recommend calling Desert Weed Control early to set your appointment.

Desert Landscape Conversion (Xeriscape)

Desert-weed-control-desert-Landscape conversion Phoenix-arizona-xeriscapeMany residents of the Phoenix area decide to help conserve water by converting their grass lawns to desert landscaping, sometimes known as xeriscaping. There are even rebates offered by many cities in the Phoenix area to help with the cost of desert landscaping. The first step of converting your lawn to desert landscaping is removing current vegetation including grass and weeds. 4 Evergreen can help you clear your yard from unwanted grass and weeds to help you achieve a natural desert landscape. To learn more about weed control service in the Phoenix area contact Desert Weed Control at 602.992.8870.

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