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Olive Tree Spraying

Olive trees are very popular the greater-Phoenix, Arizona area. They are easy to maintain and provide great shade during Arizona’s long, hot summers. But once the fruit develops and drops, you soon realize what a complete mess you have on your hands! That’s why olive tree spraying is so important and 4Evergreen Desert Weed Control comes in to help prevent that from happening.

The benefits of Olive Tree Spraying (Sterilization):

  • Pollen Control – The unwanted pollen matures into the messy, black fruit that drops and stains everything it touches
  • Suppress the Olives – We think olives are great for salads and martinis, but not your sidewalks! Our olive tree spraying services can greatly reduce or even completely stop your olive tree from bearing fruit to begin with.
  • Eliminate the stress on olive tree branches – Keep your trees looking beautiful for much longer

Olive tree spraying in Phoenix, Arizona is seasonal and occurs early January through mid April. It’s a very busy time, so if you are interested in olive tree spraying services, we recommend calling Desert Weed Control for a free estimate today! Our team of licensed and tested professionals have been serving the valley since 1988 and we’re ready to help you.

If we are servicing your backyard, please notify us to any changes such as a new lock or new pets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at (602) 992-8870.

Refer a friend or neighbor to 4 Evergreen and a receive a free month of service!

We appreciate your business and look forward to keeping your desert landscape up to par.

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Prevent fruit & pollen from Olive Trees
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